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Excursions & visits to Malé

Maldives Holiday and Travel Guide
Maldives Holiday and Travel Guide

The resorts and cruise boats offer an excursion programme. Some of these programmes are scheduled while others can be arranged in your resort on your request. The scheduled programmes include visits to local island villages, uninhabited island, other resorts or capital island Malé.

Island Hopping

In an ‘island hopping’ excursion resorts or cruise boats may take you to another resort island or inhabited island or uninhabited island for a day or a half day tour. These trips will give you the taste of local island life. Sometimes you may get the opportunity to snorkel or enjoy a barbecue in one of these islands.

Some local islands offer special crafts and souvenirs for the tourist which you may be able to buy during these island hopping tours.

Malé Excursion

Excursions to the capital island Malé are organised by resorts or cruise boats on a regular basis. The resorts in Malé atoll have this as a fixture in their weekly activities. Other resorts in outer atolls may also offer opportunities to visit the capital. Malé is the commercial and political hub of the Maldives. There are places of interests in the capital worth having a visit to.

Resort Names

Ananthara Maldives Ananthara Maldives
Angsana Resort & Spa Angsana Resort & Spa
Athuruga Island Resort Athuruga Island Resort
Bandos Island Resort Bandos Island Resort
Baros Maldives Baros Maldives
Dhonveli Beach & Spa Dhonveli Beach & Spa
Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort
Embudu Village Embudu Village
Eriyadu Island Resort Eriyadu Island Resort
Holiday Island Holiday Island
Island Hideaway Island Hideaway
Kuramathi Cottage Club Kuramathi Cottage Spa
Kuramathi Blue Lagoon Kuramathi Blue Lagoon
Kuramathi Village Kuramathi Village
Kuredu Island Resort Kuredu Island Resort
Kurumba Village Kurumba Village
Laguna Maldives Laguna Maldives
Meeru Island Resort Meeru Island Resort
Olhuveli Beach & Spa Olhuveli Beach & Spa
Paradise Island & Spa
Royal Island & Spa Royal Island & Spa
Sun Island & Spa Sun Island & Spa
Taj Coral Reef Taj Coral Reef
Taj Exotica & Spa Taj Exotica & Spa
Vadoo Island Resort Vadoo Island Resort
Velidhu Island Resort Velidhu Island Resort
Veligandu Island Resort Veligandu Island Resort
Vilamendhoo Island Resort Vilamendhoo Island Resort
Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Vilu Reef Beach & Spa
White Sands Resort White Sands Resort


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