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Tom & Katie Leave Maldives after their honeymoon

3 December 2006

State newspaper Haveeru ran an exclusive article yesterday reporting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ departure from Maldives.

Other media outlets were crying foul last night as the story broke, which featured photos of the couple with at immigration. The article also said reporters were able to video the couple and even get Mr. Cruise’s autograph.

Local newspapers are now asking, how did Haveeru and Italian freelance photographers possibly get the scoop?

Haveeru is not revealing how it knew when the couple were leaving, but privately some journalists are speculating about a deal between immigration and the state press.

The superstar couple arrived at 21:30 on November 19 after getting married in Italy. They spent a fortnight on a local yacht, an ex ice-breaker, the Arctic with their 8 month-old baby daughter Suri.

The couple arrived at the airport to leave the Maldives at around 6:45pm on Friday, accompanied by bodyguards and chaperones. They left the Maldives by private jet at around 7:11pm.

Cruise is reported to have said with a smile he was very satisfied with his honeymoon and would love to return to the Maldives.

By Minivan News


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