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Maldives Tourism Industry To Train Locals

Tom Norton of the Asian Development Bank has presented a new programme to get young Maldivians into high-level positions within the tourism industry.

Norton was addressing tourism moguls at the AGM of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry at the Nasandhura Palace Hotel last Thursday.

The scheme is part of the government’s ‘Yes’ campaign to get more Maldivians trained and into work.

Currently it is estimated USD 50 million is paid to expatriate workers within the Maldivian tourism industry and the government has said it wants to retain that money within the country.

MATI Secretary General, Sim Ibrahim Mohamed, described the initiative by the Asian Development Bank and the government as the “first time someone has come to us not wanting our money but our leadership.”

The scheme would offer small subsidies to resort owners to assist them in training local youths with the aim of seeing them rise to management positions. It will work to establish common training standards and will establish 20 recruitment kiosks throughout the Atolls.

Norton spoke of an “attitude issue” with young Maldivians, whom, he said, lacked desire and aspiration in light of their own careers.

He is hoping that in the tourism industry at least, that he will be able to turn this around with the help of some of Maldives’ richest resort owners.

Courtesy: By Minivan News
9 December 2006


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